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Super Rare Double Spelled All Class Hat!

Rotten Orange Footprints AND Chromatic Corruption!

Keep In Mind :

You Can Not Get These Spells Anymore Since 2012
Rotten Orange Footprints Was Priced At 45 Keys.
Double Spelled Items Are Extremely Rare.
This Is An All Class Hat Meaning It Is Worth Much More.

Looking For Offers :)
C / O : None
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id throw a key at it if your interested
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No thanks, but I guess it's a new current offer :)
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So how much would this be? 46 keys?
It's double spelled, so it's super rare. So I guess somewhere near there.
ah, ok thanks for replying, i might be able to get that amount of keys by end of aprial due to my bday being on the 29 of aaprial
Alright, let me know if you want it when that comes :)
ok, btw im kinda of a crones dome collector so you might see me do a potition on for a collectors Crones Dome XD
♥ 5pb ♥
Surprisingly when I tried to sell spells like this around 10 - 25 keys, I got death threats and called scammer instead
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.