Selling this rare, collector's item, and valuable, "The Killer Exclusive #28".

B/O: 300 keys

I'll consider any offer received on this lovely all-class hat even if it is below the buyout.

Please add me or send me a trade offer. Do not be afraid to offer on this rare and very valuable collector's item.
Gabe Newell
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Amazing offer, accepted.
Gabe Newell
Wanna buy my #93 KE? I'll sell it for cheap as i don't really play anymore and it's better that someone who'd enjoy it has it.
Goose Howard
i can give you 2 reclaimed for that hat
Whoah dude , you're never going to sell a #28 for 300 keys...

I mean yeah , low crafts are cool and all , and they can get pretty expensive if it's super low , but you asking way too much ...

For an all-class "this" low , I think 10 keys should be the max . But hey , i'm not interested , just wanted to give my opinion .

(And if you bought it for 300 keys , you definitly got scammed ...)
Shoyu Dawae
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Not An Casul
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Mega Strike Schaden + Terror-Watt Patriot Peak + Memory Leak Helmet without a Home + Spec K.S. Well Worn Pizza Polished Hot Tomislav (paid about 50 keys in unusuals for it) + Level 4 Eyelander (1 of 4 in the world, glitched level)?
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