Great items for great prices! Please note that I don't want 2016 Halloween unusuals, unpriced, robotic hats, taunts, or low tier 3rd gens, everything else is fair game! Thanks! I can also add pure to offers I like!

Clean Infernal Smoke Flippin Taunt - 50 Keys
Clean GBH Bonk - 250 Keys
Clean Sunbeams Drill - 130 Keys
Clean Australium Grenade Launcher - 15 Keys
Clean KS Australium Stickeybomb - 14 Keys

Add me or offer here! Thanks!
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ch boa c9 bonk boy and a c9 bombing run for the bonk and drill
Sorry, your offer is 365, while my offer is 380. I appreciate the offer, but no thanks
While my items*
300 + 65 + 15 = 380. I'd be willing to do some adds.
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Ghastly Ghosts Jr. Rotation, Green Energy Tavish Degroot Experience, and a Searing Plasma Allbrero for the GBH Bonk.
I appreciate the offer, but no thanks
Circling Heart Brotherhood of Arms for the Bonk Boy and the aussies
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.