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-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
Keep your lowball offers with you.
In unusuals at least 100% overpay,if knife price is 50 keys so it means 100 in unusuals and so.
There are screenshots of them:
1.Bowie - http://s.m...1r.jpg
2.Doppler Bayo - http://s.m...BS.jpg
3.M9 Bayo - http://s.m...Fe.jpg
4.Kara Doppler - http://s.m...MY.jpg
5. Bayo Case - http://s.m...Me.jpg
6.Flip Crimson- http://s.m...hO.jpg
7.Kara Ultraviolet -
[50] Halolas
90 tf keys on your bowie, 65 on the karambit,
not quickselling,thx though.
[50] Halolas
How much would you need on the karambit?
on the analyst its saying 80 keys and at market too.
[50] Halolas
I'd do 80 keys on it.
80 cs keys you mean?
I have a Gut Knife | Ultraviolet Field Tested and a Shadow Daggers | Safari Mesh Field Tested, would you 2:1 the Battlescarred Karambit
sry but low,thx though
Celestia Ludenberg
How much for the bowie?
110 keys as i remember
Celestia Ludenberg
Damn... thanks for answering
vanilla karimbit + ak 47 wastland rebel (mw) for bowie fade?
Unusual Galvanized Gibus
Effect: Starstorm Slumber

50 CS:GO keys
55 TF2 keys
party phantom - misty skull for any of these 2 knives
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.