Mr. Speedumm ✅
Earbuds for 1 key, 25.55 ref
Upgrade to Premium Gift for 1 key, 34.44 ref
Bill's Hat for 1 key, 23.33 ref
CRAFTABLE Backpack Expanders for 15.77 ref
Pallet of Crates for 17.11 ref
Battery Canteens for 3.22 ref

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How does the bot work? I put my bills in and put the ref for you but it said it was an error
Mr. Speedumm ✅
The offer was accepted?
b1rdy #tf2center
Fluffy Tails
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Hey, interested in white painted bill's hat?
The Luisito <3
add me I'm interested
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my bill for 2 keys
Ya Homie Toby
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I got a bill's hat with a rare color and a changed name and description. Can you send me an offer of what you want to give? (Btw: I am 100% sure that it is worth almost 2 keys, but just look at what you want to give)
Ya Homie Toby
Ya Homie Toby
Scoobs (plural)
I tried to sell some earbuds, but the trade was declined. If you're going to change your rates, it would be nice if you updated them here first
Mr. Speedumm ✅
I haven't changed my rate, just it is most likely that the max stock has been reached, yes this is a late update. Sorry for your inconvenience.
Scoobs (plural)
Ah, thanks for clarifying. Sorry, I saw what the current rate for buds was and assumed you had changed it to match, my bad
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.