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BullDoser - CS.FAIL
For prices please check my page here:

Post your offers here or send them directly, thank you.
I would like to offer 8 keys pure for one if possible.
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Sent offer. Add me if you want to negotiate.
dat foggo
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13 pure for miami nights soviet add me
Do you still have the Miami Nights Soviet? I don't see it in your backpack
Is the Soviet Gentleman still available? the history still says your the owner, but i cant find it in your backpack.
BullDoser - CS.FAIL
hmm, that's a weird one, I don't remember selling it, but I Checked bots and alts and I could not find it. I'll hide it for now, sorry :D
ok cool, thanks, if you do end up locating it could you let me know, im very interested.
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Hello i’d like to offer a second rate of sorcery fountai of delight for the worst noghtmare
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.