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In the entire game of TF2, there are 26 Scout-specific Spellbound hats. Of those hats, there are 8 on market.

In the entire game of TF2, there are 27 Scout-specific Arcana hats. Of those hats, there are 4 on market.

There are 6 sets in existence that contain 2 or more Arcana/Spellbound effects that I am aware of.

Everything you see here is clean. Tossle is 1 of 1, and a retired Halloween effect, effectively making it 1 of 1 forever.

If you want any of these items, you are going to have to want them A LOT more than me. Which is to say, a hefty amount more.

I've bought Tossle for 300 twice. Been offered 360 in mixed/good 1st gens. (Clean Scorching Fed-Fightin' +25 pure)

Bought Bonk for 550 in good 1st gens with the intention of keeping it. Only good unusual offers at or above that price will capture my attention. 450 in pure, otherwise.

Spelly Baker is one of three in existence. Bought for 61. Combined with Bonk, creates a white-ish sparkle effect, (comparable to Green Energy + Purple Energy) Clean af.

Pro Ks Min. Wear Energy Orb Night Terror is a beauty to behold, wether you're inspecting it up-close or from afar. A very visible weapon, the black base compliments the black painted set quite well. To put it into perspective, a non-killstreak Isotope Night Terror, Min Wear, is selling for 160 keys. Many traders would prefer Energy Orb over Iso, and this one's pro ks.

To sum it all up, this is pretty much what i'm asking:

Tossle- 300 pure, 350 in good offers
Bonk- 450 pure, 550 in good offers
Baker- 60 pure, 70 in good offers (sold with bulk for Scorching Surgeon's Shako)
Scatter- 95 pure, 110 in good offers (Sold for Chiro Dogger.)

Breaking the set up individually is not in my best interest.

Feel free to add me if you feel you have a very good offer. I'd prefer if you could leave a heads-up on here. Thanks.


Burning/Sunbeams Woolen Warmer 1:1 for Bonk Boy (450, 3/2 sellers at 500, offer made by I Kill for Free.)

Clean Scorching Fed-Fighting + 25 pure (For Tossle, 360)

Burning Flames Woolen Warmer (For Tossle + Night Terror, 450?)

Arcana Valley Forge + Planets Law + ST Soldier's Requiem (For Bonk, like 375 by offeree's pricing. Much too low + bad items)
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Smoking Noh + Holy Grail Bucking Bronco + Mystery to everyone Neptune for the tossle + bonk + baker + scattergun?
Noh - seller for 600
Low, and there's sellers of much better effects for almost half the price of the noh (searing for 375)
Fountain of delight vict ory lap + fountain of delight second rate sorcery + screaming tiger box trot + deadth at dust seers helm and a cauldron bubble el ejfe?
A nice offer, but
Not too interested in taunts right now, sorry.
o :-: :( if you are hit me up
never thought I'd see my lovely old baker boy on the market again, gl selling !
Thanks man, but it's such a good hat, idk if I want to have good luck selling it lol
Some diamonds are too beautiful to sell :)
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