Selling these awesome clean hats.

Darkblaze Muffs ----------- 320 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/2037582889
- Clean all-class hat (1/2 in existence)

Shadows Hazmat ----------- 300 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/2049670400
- Clean Medic misc (1/1 in existence).

Darkblaze Gibus ----------- 300 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/2039617172
- Clean all-class hat (1/4 in existence).

Circling Heart BoA ----------- 300 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/5375102085
- Clean all-class hat.

Darkblaze Kabuto ----------- 230 keys ----------- Sold

Mystery Neptune's ----------- 45 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/4988549003
- Clean Pyro hat.

Puzzle Bicorne ----------- 40 keys ----------- http://backpack.tf/item/4256313061
- Clean Scout hat.

All decent offers are welcome, but pure/mixed are prefered. Don't offer Halloween 2016 hats/effects or unpriced hats/taunts unless they are a minor part of the deal.

I can consider upgrading to a nice misc, and I could negotiate something for a Golden Pan if someone is willing to offer it, but don't expect me to overpay greatly.

Send a trade offer for faster response. Have a nice day!
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fountain of delight victory lap for muff and neptune ?
I will pass, but thanks for the offer. Not really interested in taunts atm.
aww alright thanks for being polite :D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.