Selling great unusuals for great prices! I can add pure to offers I like!

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Halloween Unusuals and Unusual Taunts are no longer accepted as payment!

Clean Scorching Flames Baker - 105 Keys SOLD FOR Clean Blizz. Bonk Boy + Clean Blizz. Soldier Stash + 3 Keys in sweets
Clean Green Black Hole Bonk Boy - 250 Keys
Clean Frostbite Trouble Makers - 100 Keys
Clean Bubbling Head Warmer - 16 Keys

Add me or offer here! Remember, I add pure to offers I like!
Mr. Pinecone
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1:1 with a tf logo vive la France for the baker boy
There's sellers as low as 80, so I'll pass. Thanks for the offer though
Mr. Pinecone
At least I tried
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.