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Selling these unusuals for keys (or) cash

Cloud 9 Deep Cover Operator B/O: 70 keys

Holy Grail Taunt: Buy A Life B/O: 60 keys

Purple Energy Trophy Belt B/O: 62.5 keys

Isotope Festive Specialized Killstreak Night Owl Sniper Rifle (Minimal Wear) B/O: 100 keys

Skill Gotten Gains Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare B/O: 32.5 keys

Blizzardy Storm Brown Bomber B/O: 80 keys

Cloudy Moon Surgeon's Stahlhelm B/O: 105 keys

Ancient Eldritch Smokey Sombrero B/O: 40 keys

All unusuals available on https://mar...toy205

Pure or unusual overpay!
Add me or post below
Mr. Pinecone
If ya wouldn't mind marking out the ones you dont have anymore
The Classy Man
yea i tried to trade for the fubar fanfare and it was gone
Mr. Pinecone
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What for the funar and what was gone?
I have all these unusuals - Check for the listings as I stated in the above post.
Brown Bomber Blizzard for my Unusual Virus Doctor (purple energy) 50 keys or $125 and Butterfly knife Boreal Forest 32 keys or $80 also can add a white bills if needed Add me if interested
Daniel Drago
I'm interested in the deep cover operator. I have a Midnight Whirlwind Burstchester which has the lowest seller (apart from me) at 70 keys
No thanks
'72 Flippin' for Fubar + 22 keys
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Strange field practice with DBD and a strange tossle with miami night for the stahlhelm?
You no longer have these items so I am guessing you sold them, hiding for space
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Scorching mirror for the trophy
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1/1 for sale o fire racks for moon SS. Sorry if u consider this as a lowball
Midnight Whirlwind Pool Party Taunt (currently unpriced on, but classies are: 1 QS for 50, 1 at 120, and 2 at 160) for the stahlhelm. Can add more if needed. Taunt is untradeable until Nov. 16.
yop interessed in : Holy Grail Taunt Hall Class : Zoomin' Broom 72-85 keys price bp for your bomber ?
No thanks
Is the stahlhelm duped?
ill buy the stahlhelm add me
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Circling Heart Federal Casemaker for your Brown bomber +45 keys
Currently priced at 197.5
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