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Selling these unusuals for keys (or) cash

Infernal Flames Taunt: Fresh Brewed Victory B/O: 39.5 keys

Poisoned Shadows One-Man Army B/O: 70 keys

Strange Infernal Flames Taunt: Burstchester B/O: 60 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: Bucking Bronco B/O: 50 keys

Hellish Inferno Shred Alert B/O: 80 keys

Kill-a-Watt Das Hazmattenhatten B/O: 40 keys

Infernal Flames Taunt: The Schadenfreude B/O: 78.5 keys

Screaming Tiger Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors B/O: 150 keys

All unusuals available on

Pure or unusual overpay!
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BlaCk TriggeR
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Anti-Freeze Hottie's Hoodie for Strange Infernal Flames Taunt: Burstchester
💜 Alula 💜
Would you take a Phosphorous Reggaelator? (for shred?
Unusual viva la France with Miami night for your One-Man Army
clean 1 of 1 Memory Leak Wraith Wrap [clean,short history,nice hat) selling for 60+ - for one man army
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