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andrew > Buying Backpacks
Buying Team Fortress 2 Backpacks for keys

Make sure who you are trading with is me, I have had a lot of impersonators recently


* You tell me how much you want, from there we can talk it through tell we agree on a price.
* I am looking for a max of 10000$ and a min. of 100$ ( estimated pricing)
* Your account history will be THOROUGHLY checked, move along hijackers.


Total Deals: 100+

Add me for discussion or post below

*This post is exclusively for key cashouts, see my cash post for money related:
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i have a troublemakers tossil, and 2 genuine angers (abundance of tinge, and lack of hue)
Bath guy
why did you block me, i added you to sell my inventory
I ignored the request - Read the post mate
Tried to add on Steam to discuss, but I kept getting an error.

I have 4 unusuals and a couple items that I wouldn't mind selling for keys.
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150 keys for Houwar + flaming lantern mongolian + beams football helmet + hearts stove pipe
i sell my backpack, how many keys u offer ?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.