Edu - Pure Evil
created link if you want check my prices

Pure keys/mixed preferred, but if you are offering unusuals only, must be good and with a lil more than my b/o in keys, i dont want 40% overpay, but at least be reasonable please. Offer, i dont bite.

Please send me Trade Offer. It is fastest way to trade me.
Use trade offers with >> link if you want check my prices
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Scorching flames stove pipe + 15~ keys? for regg
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Sent trade offer please respond asap :)
Edu - Pure Evil
now i see, is a duped ones :(
If i offer a purple energy reggalator clean + some keys for the haunted ghost regg would you do it?
duped my bad*
Edu - Pure Evil
no problem if duped or no, just be reasonable, dont use "regular" prices on dupes. ;) I like purple nrgy┬┤s
hmm wanna add and maybe we can negotiate something?
Edu - Pure Evil
feel free sir =)
alright ill add u
I cant it just says error adding friend can u add me maybe?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.