Selling Following Items.

#1 - Terror-Watt Pom-Pommed Provocateur
Spy unusual hat. - 19 keys

#2 - Miami Nights L'homme Burglerre
Spy unusual hat. - 17 keys

#3 - Starstorm Slumber Virtual Reality Headset
Limited edition Halloween 2016 effect, 1 of 1 hat forever, Engineer unusual. - 30 keys or overpay

#4 - Starstorm Slumber Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats
Limited edition Halloween 2016 effect, All Class. - 35 keys

#5 - Disco Beat Down Tough Guy's Toque
Heavy unusual hat, free An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Paint. - 27 keys (1 key off price)

#6 - Specialized Killstreak Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher (Factory New)
Perfect Assassin Grade Rocket Launcher with best Sheen - Agonizing Emerald. - 10 keys

#7 - Specialized Killstreak Earbuds
Glitched Earbuds with Hot Rod Specialized Killstreak Kit applied on it. - 20 keys

#8 - Collector's Professional Killstreak Shortstop
Good Scout Primary Weapon with Incinerator Killstreak and Villainous Violet Sheen. - 12 keys

Im mostly looking for pure offers, but also unusuals, australiums or any other items offers may be ok.

more my trades you can find here -

im not quickselling
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A orbiting planets litle buddy for the shell shocker
nah, thanks. its barely worth as much as i want in pure
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A Festive profesional killstreak colectors sandmann for the shell shocker?
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Hi, I wanted to trade with you but your trade url is broken. I tried to tell you this but your comments are disable and you instablocked when i tried to add you.
my trade link works, probably i blocked you much much earlier, thats why you cant add me or left comment on my profile
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.