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Selling these hats for keys, money, (or) unusual overpay

Cloudy Moon Bonk Boy B/O: 420 keys

Cloudy Moon Master's Yellow Belt B/O: 170 keys

Strange Scorching Flames Law B/O: 1630 keys

Smoking Killer Exclusive B/O: 42 keys

Terror-Watt Chieftain's Challenge B/O: 23 keys

Tesla Coil Neckwear Headwear B/O: 135 keys

Blizzardy Storm Hot Dogger B/O: 30 keys

Disco Beat Down Patriot Peak B/O: 200 keys

All unusuals available on

Pure or unusual overpay!
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Clean sunbeams Allbrero + sweets for the patriot peek? :)
Depends on how much sweets since it'd have to be a good bit
i can only add 4-5 keys in sweets im afraid. Understand if it is to low, thx anyway!
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MN Kabuto (33 keys, easy to sell for about 30) and 10 keys pure + sweets for the smoking KE?
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Yo, how much on top of a clean beams law for your scorching law?
300 to 400
I might be able to swing that. I'll come back in a bit with an actual offer. Hiding for space.
Miss Bodyshot
Hearts KE for cloudy moon bonk boy?
hey andrew is it a good trade if I traded a golden frying pan for a clean scorching law?
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Burning fed fightin fedora for yellowbelt
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Nebula spaceman and Scorching patriot peak ?
For Law
[FP] Zaros
ether trail prehistoric pull over(200) for the yellowbelt
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Kewl Pumpkin
Death at dusk *painted* bombing run for hotdogger?
Add me to discuss.
hey im selling my bp
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