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Selling these unusuals for keys, money, (or) unusual overpay!

Scorching Flames Carouser's Capotain B/O: 50 keys

Strange Ether Trail Hellmet B/O: 77.5 keys

Sunbeams Rotation Sensation B/O: 355 keys

Haunted Ghosts Trophy Belt B/O: 55 keys

Smoking Federal Casemaker B/O: 32.5 keys

Haunted Ghosts Ze Goggles B/O: 90 keys

Molten Mallard Sleeveless in Siberia B/O: 750 keys

All unusuals available on

Pure or unusual overpay!
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Zärtlicher Schutz
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Clean Circling Heart Defiant Spartan for Casemaker?
Zärtlicher Schutz
Added to discuss
Added to discuss for Casemaker
Hey there! leaving you an offer on the trophy belt. $70 (35keys) on
Let me know if want to talk it out!
Was interested in that unusual hellmet, added to discuss trade
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Tesla Coil Deep Cover Operator for Trophy Belt?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.