try to avoid adds pls, use trade-offers or comment here

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unusual cool flower power scatter gun minimal wear for scattergun
totally not into reselling skins, but if you really meant an 1:1 this is too much overpay on your side even for me, your scatter is priced above 80 on bp.tf, so added to discuss
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I have two offers to make, one for the sniper rifle, one for the black box. Will send trade offer
thanks, but ill have to pass on the bb-offer, whats your offer on the rifle?
I didn't offer because it was not showing up in your inventory :/
And I don't have enough left for it anyway I think, btw would a Strange Spec KS Australium Grenade launcher be enough for the black box? The GL will be tradable Tuesday
grenade would be fair enough, though not doing reservations in general, so send me an offer if its still available and youre still interested on tuesday. just hiding for space
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Btw, sorry for bothering, but I forgot to ask, I can't get anything with my FaN? Right? I'll try to sell it for pure but it looks like no one wants it :'D
yeah, many available at 10.5-11 and im looking for more on my stuff, even for the wrench, so wont work out... - gl though getting a nice deal soon
Alright. Thanks! Gl selling too! See you Tuesday if you still have that Black Box!
sure thing
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Could u trade your black box for a smoking broadband bonnet
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.