This trade is for collectors !
Level 100 vintage hat set

Trade offers ONLY - DON'T ADD ME just send trade offer, only EXACT amount will be accepted!
I will NOT accept items!

PayPal cash card - you go first no matter what! I'm Steam lv 100, 10 years on steam, over 250 games on steam and have rep on few trade sites, if you are still scared trade for the cash card and really want the item than go get keys.
if you wish to talk to me you can jump on my TS3, however the prices are NOT negotiable!
If you agree with the listed cash price feel free to add me after you post bellow

ONLY 180 keys or $300 via PayPal cash card

all the original 53 vintage lv 100 hat set

Batter's Helmet
Bonk Helm
Ye Olde Baker Boy
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Whoopee Cap
Soldier's Stash
Tyrant's Helm
Stainless Pot
Killer's Kabuto
Sergeant's Drill Hat
Pyro's Beanie
Brigade Helm
Respectless Rubber Glove
Triboniophorus Tyrannus
Vintage Merryweather
Whiskered Gentleman
Demoman's Fro
Glengarry Bonnet
Scotsman's Stove Pipe
Hustler's Hallmark
Tippler's Tricorne
Football Helmet
Officer's Ushanka
Tough Guy's Toque
Hound Dog
Heavy Duty Rag
Mining Light
Texas Ten Gallon
Engineer's Cap
Texas Slim's Dome Shine
Prussian Pickelhaube
Vintage Tyrolean
Otolaryngologist's Mirror
Ze Goggles
Gentleman's Gatsby
Physician's Procedure Mask
Trophy Belt
Professional's Panama
Master's Yellow Belt
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative
Shooter's Sola Topi
Bloke's Bucket Hat
Fancy Fedora
Backbiter's Billycock
Magistrate's Mullet
Frenchman's Beret
Camera Beard
Modest Pile of Hat
Noble Amassment of Hats
Towering Pillar of Hats
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Lana De Rey
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I have knife csgo trade?
add me

Not into vintages at all, but im really courios to see what this very nice collection will go for.....
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