Selling these awesome items.

Burning Trophy

Amaranthine Panama ----------- 55 keys ----------- Sold

Shred Alert Unusualifier ----------- 65 keys
- All-class taunt unusualifier.

Strange F-T Pro. Ks. Flash Fryer ----------- 12 keys

All reasonable offers are welcome, just don't offer Halloween 2016 hats/effects or taunts unless they are a minor part of the deal.

If you can't find them in my backpack, that's because they are listed on Steam Market. Add me or post here if that's the case.

Send a trade offer for faster response. Have a nice day!
Window Licker
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Would you do a Tesla Coil White Russian 1 of 2 for the shred Alert?
Not interested, sorry.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.