🎀~Princess Laniakea~🎀
looking for 25 keys or offers

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Hello!, Can you accpet my friend request so we can further disscuss this?
Would you take a Miami nights peacenik's ponytail? I don't care if it's duped.
Would you be able to do some sets with it to?
I don't really have too much, but check my bp out and see if there's anything you like. The shooting star isn't for sale.
I gotta get some sleep right now I'm so tired I'll get back to you though
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Ok, I'll let you know if I sell it
Hey, you still here?
Bro pls
oh sorry its been busy today I dunno can you send me an offer or something ill take it off marketplace.tf
Ok, I'll send you an offer
I dunno I dont think im to intersted I was very tired last night and some one else was onterested in trading it as part of a bigger trade
Rly I waited two days and you let me down? Ughhhhhhh
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.