Selling great items for great prices!

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Halloween Unusuals and Unusual Taunts are not accepted as payment UNLESS you're willing to overpay by a lot, sorry.

Clean GBH Rifleman (1 of 1) - 250 Keys
Clean Steaming BoA - 60 Keys
Clean Anti-Freeze Front Runner - 100 Keys
Clean Frostbite Tossle - 100 Keys
Duped Scorching Sola - 50 Keys
Clean Aces Merryweather - 16 Keys
Clean DP Fr-0 - 13 Keys

Add me or offer here, thanks!
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100 keys for the tossle
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Boa front and merry for my vivid muffs, clean 1/1 on market price updated less than 3 days ago
15 days sorry
No thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.