• Completed
Hello! I'm looking to sell this very nice unusual!

- One of the best effects in the game
- Cheapest on market
- Item History:

B/O: 55 keys pure
C/O: -

Other offers: -

I'm mainly looking for pure/downgrade offers. I'm not interested in upgrading/1:1 unless it's a huge overpay/hat I like.

Don't offer me Halloween 2016 effects/unusual taunts/weapons, please.

I have more unusuals for sale! Check the link down below!

I'm buying quicksells and backpacks aswell!
Check this trades for more info;

I'm doing brokering for FREE!
Interested? Read my custom info box located on my steam profile for more info!

Read more/add me here:

Have a nice day
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.