Piggy (Teeth Kicked out)

Trade offers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=175915188&token=ptZfc4HQ

Back on the market for a limited time!!!

Selling a 100% clean and short history very beautiful Misty Skull Dr. Dapper Topper for 150 keys pure or unusual offers around 160 keys! (I am a big fan of all-class and Pyro unusuals in particular.). This hat is one of my dream unusuals so I am in absolutely no rush to sell it. So feel free to offer but unless it is very impressive/ interesting I may just decline it. (I am not accepting any offers with unpriced unusuals or Halloween 2016 effects. I am also not a big fan of unusual taunts honestly. so those may not be something i'd be interested in)

Rejected offers:

Disco Beat Down Neckwear Headwear + 20 keys

It's a Secret to Everybody Defiant Spartan + Orb. Planets Blighted Beak

Vintage Alien Swarm Parasite + Sweets (Um gross)

Strange Neutron Star Tipped Lid (Includes strange parts)

Burning Flames Towering Pillar + sweets

Phosphorus Company Man + Tesla Cranial Charcharodon + 19 pure

HOUWAR + Tesla Coil Cranial Charchardon

Green Black Hole Dr.'s Dapper Topper

Circling Heart Dr.'s Dapper Topper

Tesla Coil Well-Rounded Riflemen

Skill Gotten Gains Skullcracker + Showstopper Battin' a thousand + sweets

Starstorm Slumber Brotherhood of Arms

Cloudy Moon Tough Guys Toque + Energy Orb King of the Jungle minigun

Holy Grail Fresh Brewed Victory + Pro KS Aussie Scattergun + Collectors Pro KS Big Earner

Morning Glory Lucky Shot

Bayonett Knife (Never was a fan of CS:GO items) + 12 keys

Scorching Flames Stainless Steel Pot (HOLY FUCK THIS OFFER WAS THE BEST SO FAR)

Vivid Plasma Tipped Lid

Sunbeams Slick Cut

Harvest Moon Pyros Beanie

Mega Strike Flippin' Awesome Taunt

Bonzo the All-Gnawing Tyrranus (I would of took it if it wasn't duped)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.