-GoV-$BLACK$FIRE$ S>5 unus!
Hey there!

Not actively looking to sell this , but I am collecting offers! Feel free to leave them here , send them via steam , or add me (comment a reason before you do , tho).

Pls try keeping offers above 1000 keys! Big downgrades / nice unusuals/ pure/ cs go offers/ mixed! - you can offer all of this!

Thanks and Have a good day!
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Interested in something i own?
Give me a second , and I will check :)
well I do not have a specific interest towards something. But feel free to offer , I will listen to any offers .
This is more complicated than a just offer comment,so we can discuss if you wish.I know you made me an offer in the past for one of my hats so let's just be honest :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.