• Completed
Selling these sexy, God tier, unusuals for great prices! Just about any offers are preferred, however, I like 1st gen/God tier downgrades the best. But offer as you will!

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Halloween Unusuals and Unusual Taunts are no longer accepted as payment UNLESS you're willing to overpay by ALOT, sorry!

Duped Scorching Stash - 420 Keys
Clean Haunted Ghosts Rack - 145 Keys
Duped Scorching Topi - 50 Keys

As the Rack and Stash go together so well, I'll give a better price if you buy both together, for pure or unusuals offers!

ALSO NOTE: I can add some pure to offers I like!

Offer here or add me. If you want add me, post why here first, so I don't get you confused :) Thanks!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.