Looking for Keys, or Unusual Offers

Massed Flies Villain's Veil --- 170 Keys Pure, 180+ in Offers
Molten Mallard Dread Hiding Hood ----- 70 Keys Pure, 80+ in Offers
Knifestorm Pyro's Beanie --- 70 Keys Pure, 80+ in Offers

Odds are I will NOT accept any Unpriced Unusuals, but feel free to offer them

If you're Offering Unusuals you Must Overpay, No Exceptions

I am willing to accept cash offers as long as we go through marketplace.tf

My Keys are Reserved for QUICKSELLS ONLY, if you offer me something where i would need to add to my unusual, i can add the rest in other unusuals, aussies or items

Hide = Nty
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Interested in a clean unpriced unusual zoomin broomin?
All class
Showstopper effect
Pretty rare if there are only 1/3 in the world
It really depends on what your offering on
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50keys for bucket
if you can add around 15-20 in items i'd be interested, otherwise i'd have to pass, either way thanks for the offer
Flaming Lantern Peacenik's Ponytail + Whoopee CB for Beanie
Send a trade offer and I'll check it out
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.