Great items for great prices! Add me or offer here.

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Halloween Unusuals and Unusual Taunts are no longer accepted as payment, sorry.

Clean Sunbeams Lucky Shot - 180 Keys
Clean Haunted Ghosts Rack - 145 Keys
Duped Scorching Sola - 43 Keys
Duped Pro KS Community Sparkles Vintage Luger - 360 Keys

ALSO NOTE: I can add pure to offers I like but I prefer first gen/God tier downgrades. I accept upgrades but you'll have to overpay a bit, thanks.

LASTLY: A lot people worry about glitched Lugermorphs. What I mean by this is that the community sparkles does not show up. However, this Luger is NOT glitched and the effect DOES in fact show up.

If you're adding me, post what you want here first.

Thanks and have a great day!
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Added to talk about luger
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strange voodoo juju for the sola?
You'll need some more overpay
how much?
Want to add me to discuss?
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