This trade was closed by Morphine at 19:29:23 on February 15th, 2018 with the following reason:
Out of stock on multiple hats
Juice's Craft Hat Shop

Selling these hats for the following prices!

Asking for pure but will accept any craftable hat/cosmetic as 1 refined!

The Head Prize - 3 Keys, 8 Refined and 1 Reclaimed. Firm
Woolen Warmer - 5.5 Refined
Cotton Head - 1.33 Refined
Breakneck Bags Painted Green - 5 Refined
Federal Casemaker - 1.55 Refined
Killer Exclusive - 2 Refined
MK 50 - 1.66 Refined
Athletic Supporter - 1.33

Send a trade offer with the correct amount!
sent an offer for baggies
Whats your steam trade URL?
I would like to trade
-Haunted Gritthis Gogs, Worth 2.11 ref and 1.11 ref, For the killer exclusive and the althletic supporter, I
Would you be willing to sell the headprize for item overpay???
Sent offer. Would like to buy the Head Prize, Though i only found a colored one. Not sure if you're still selling it for the price in the description.
Charz123 |
Would trade, but the MK 50 and Federal casemaker are not in your inventory.
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Check the offer please
I addded you becouse i cant send you an offer
Sent offer for head prize in pure
Hey. I'm interested for your head prize. I send you a trade offer. If you changed the price left a message here or counter my offer. Ty!
pUmp LiL
Sent offer for head prize
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hey! would you sell your breakneck baggies for a maul?
have you sold the woolen? if so remove it from post
I want the head prize
I can offer one key , teoufort knight , and one key or more in cosmetics
Pls accept
Please remove the items you have sold from your trades in a timely manner.
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Willing to buy the MK 50 for the 1.66
Send trade offer
Do you still have the Head Prize on an alt account or something? I got your asking price but don't see it in your inventory. If you don't have it could you mark it as traded? Misleading to advertise items you don't got no more.
Tracer Bullet
Wanted to make a trade for the federal casemaker, but don't see it listed.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.