✪ Mike
* Steaming Flipped Trilby painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge (13 keys)
* Bubbling Hound Dog (13 keys)
* Steaming Hound Dog (12 keys)
* Dead Presidents Desert Marauder painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue (18 keys)
* Blizzardy Storm Conquistador (15 keys)
* Circling Peace Sign Human Cannonball (36 keys)
* Aces High Bonk Boy (42 keys)
* Aces High Ol' Snaggletooth (14 keys)
* Nuts n' Bolts Samur-Eye (12 keys)
You might want to correct your description, all I see is a Steaming Hound Dog, not a Bubbling one. :p
✪ Mike
Whooops, added the price for the steaming One, Thanks!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.