Little Green Man, Clayton
Buying quickselling Polar Pullovers , interested in all effects for around at least 25-40% off, please comment with what you have and what you're looking for below. will pay less for dupes

Will pay in PURE keys/cash or unusal overpay

I can do cash if you go first/or I can go first if you have plenty of rep

Please comment offers or comment before you add, Thank you :D
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wavy jones
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I have a clean Miami pullover I'd you're interested.
hey, I may be interested, I've sent a friend request
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Hey, i have a terror watt wiwth 2 spell, you might be interested
Yeah I might be interested depending on the price, feel free to add me to discuss further :)
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Unusual Polar Pullover (Orbiting Planet's) for x180 Keys
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.