Thux - I am my own Impersonator
Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead. If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.

Specifically looking for these miscs as quicksells (at least 25% off price), or at least slightly discounted.

However, I might even pay more than all other quickbuyers if I really like the price and the effect of mentioned misc(s) above. This also depends on whether the misc is clean or duped - I will always pay less for duped ones.

Stock: 197 keys

I might be interested in other miscs which are not shown here (such as the Virtual Viewfinder, Large Luchadore, Brainiac Hairpiece, etc), so feel free to offer those aswell, but only misc offers will be considered here, not interested in anything else. If you want to offer any hat, feel free to check out my other quickbuy posts!
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Clean Cloud 9 Masters Yellow Belt worth 61 keys for 50 pure?
It is a misc so it kind of fits in what ur looking for.
seems like you've sold it, thanks for the offer though
bagel pizzas
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i got a stormy storm bonk boy what could u do for it
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Hello! could you add me to discuss of my unusual?
I'd prefer if you just sent me a trade offer, but you can also add me if necessary
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.