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Hello and welcome to Iben's quick metal shop. (>‿◠)✌
Having trouble getting rid of an item? Looking for a place to sell it?
Get some quick metal here then!
In my shop, I am paying you 85% of your items value in pure (Keys&Ref).


There are few rules:

➀If I have fivecopies of your item, I will not buy it.
➁ I don't accept random people, so send me trade offers instead. Do only add me if necessary.
➂I don't pay extra for applied paint.
➃ I don't pay extra for Halloween effects.
➄ I am buying EVERY item you have in your backpack! And that mean's EVERY item you own! (For the right price of course)
If you haven't figured it out, this is how you calculate the value of your item:

Let's say your item is worth 10 Ref - 10 * 0,85 = 8,55 Ref

Long story short: I'm buying everything on this list, for 85% of their low-end backpack price. Even though your item doesn't appear on the list, I'm still buying it! :)

Do NOT add me. Only proceed to do so if necessary. ✔✔✔
Trade offers are preferred, so use the link below.

You can check my inventory here:
Trade offer link:

-It would be wise of you to BOOKMARK my trade!
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hey mate, i am selling taunts and items!
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offers sent, if anything is off feel free to counter
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I have question. If I have untradable Beep Man, would you buy It if I provide the gift wrap (fully by me, I mean you don't have to pay anything for it)?
Blue Goober Boi
Would you pay real money or around 150-200 keys for an Unusual Strange Isotope Minimal Wear Bank Rolled Sniper Rifle? 1:1 on the world.
Hey I'm looking to sell a strange unusual field test manana rocket launcher. I'm just looking for pure if we could discuss to figure out a price that would be fantastic.
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