Foamy the Mad Scientist

5/7 left. 2/7 sold over my BO

★ FIVE BURNING MONGOLIANS, 35 keys each! (or 170 keys for all)
★ All except the level 50 orange painted one are clean
★ Not interested in going much lower than 35 each unless you buy the full set.

I can also consider unusual offers, but keep them around or above my buyout. Im obviously not going to "upgrade" to an electrostatic mongolian just because it's priced higher on bptf.

I have listed one of them on, which shows on outpost as well as it appears.

Trade offers preferred!

~Foamy :3
What...... why XD (That dedication though)
Because I now have 12 low tier burning heavy hats and 12 is my favorite number
Ayyyyy lmao
got the market on lock XD
Indeed :P
AGE gentlemen
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Emporium*? and vivid plasma noble amassement?
Foamy the Mad Scientist
Yeah I guess I could take that
could i offer my bubbling cotton head a key and about 7 keys in items?
Ill pass; Im not interested in the cotton, sorry
thats aight
Judenstein Shekelberg
my first born
That depends on how fast you can get one and on his/her genetic structure :P
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