Selling great items for great prices! Add me or offer here.

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Halloween Unusuals and Unusual Taunts are no longer accepted as payment, sorry.

Duped Scorching Ballcap - 200 Keys
Clean Burning Flames Topi - 50 Keys
Clean Burning Flames Western - 70 Keys
Clean Sunbeams Lucky Shot - 180 Keys
Clean Green Energy Fedora - 80 Keys
Clean Purple Energy Phantom - 100 Keys
Clean Aces Fedora - 40 Keys
Clean Aussie Rifle - 24 Keys

Add me or offer here. I like first gen offers the best, but I will consider any expect the ones I said above, thanks.
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http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29179543#latest for phantom and fedora??
Which Fedora? The fancy Fedora or fed fighting
Oh I mean federal, my bad
fancy :3
Sorry, your offer is low, you'll have to add or switch one of my items
how many add you want ?
Well you're about 20 keys off from my buy out in pure, so idk, want to add me?
well i can add max 3-4 keys and i think you dont be cool with that so dont waste time to adding :3
Yeah, no thank you
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.