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El Capitán™
Selling (Cloud 9) Medic's mountain Cap (or the whole set for +19 refined)
Unusual B/O: 32 keys!
Offers starting from 25 keys pure or 29 keys in mixed scout or other class unusual as I see fit!

Buying Almost any Scout Cloud 9 unusual (I would prefer Flipped trilby or Fed Fightin' Fedora).
Mostly looking for a 1:1 trade.
I can add more keys if need be.

Have a nice day!
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For 30 keys pure or csgo knife. My unus is on market. I'll take it out after the deal was made.
My unus for 30 keys pure or you can buy it from steam market. The unus currently on community market.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.