Thux - I am my own Impersonator
Please do not add me, send a trade offer instead. If you need to add me, comment on my profile first.

SF Sandvich: 3 keys + 8 ref, way more in items
Spec. SF Wrench w/ part: 7 keys + 8 ref, way more in unusuals/items

Some are the cheapest on the market.

Pure prices are firm. Item/unusual overpay must be at least 20-30%.

Asking only for small overpay in Australiums. Please do not offer skin/unusual weapons, unpriced unusuals, 2016 halloween effects, or taunts in general, I have zero interest in these. I´m not interested in upgrading either.
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offer sent for shotgun pure :)
seeing as your trade offer is no longer avaiilable it seems like you got something else, thanks for the offer anyways
Jason Friday 13
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sent offer.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.