SELLING God Tier All-Class Cosmetic with Halloween Spell:

Dead of Night with Violent Violet Footprints!!!

Dead of Night is only All-Class "Full Body" Cosmetic that can have Halloween Spell on it.
It also has 4 styles!!!
People are selling this cosmetic with with worse spells (Color changing spells which were/are much cheaper than footprints spells) for 15-20 keys or more.
Im selling onewith with Footprints Spell.

It should be clear that im looking for high offers and no lowballs or quicksell prices offers.

Im open for different type of offers: Keys, Unusuals and Unusualifiers, Australiums, Cash (via or just High Valued Items (like Max, Catastrophic Companions etc.)

I dont have B/O for now, looking for offers, but yes, its item for Spell Collectors and will not be cheap.
For now i can say i will not consider seriously any offer under 20 keys.

B/O - 30 keys
C/O - none
rejected/too low - Factory New Prof.KS Sand Cannon
Neat cosmetic only have 8 keys at the moment I'll try to get some more of possible, if not sorry!
Black Point
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Factory New Prof.KS Sand Cannon If You Can add a bit
How much is "a bit" for you? also dont rly know how much value that offer i guess decorated weapons with killstreaks are not easy to resell...
Its worth ~15-20 keys? i guess because i see that it was last time sold on steam market for little less than 40 euro so um thatnks for offer but its too low
Ok np. Well i bought It for 25 pure wig it us worth. But however gl selling :) have good day
[dead] james8470
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you aren't one of one on the market anymore
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i got the same thing xd
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.