Looking for a QUICKSALE or QUICKTRADE! - ( ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇsᴇᴄᴜʀᴇᴅ ➕ ᴢᴇʀᴏ-ᴇsᴄʀᴏᴡ = ғᴀsᴛ ᴛʀᴀᴅᴇ)

Weapons I Like: Australium (e.g. Eyelander, Medi) or CSGO-Stuff (e.g. knives, guns, anything nice)
Unusuals I Like: ALL-CLASS (e.g. Tree, Modest) or MISC (e.g. Rack) or perhaps SOLDIER!
Effects I Like: Burning/Scorching, Sunbeams, FlyingBats, Energy, Vivid
Classes I Like: Need a nice Soldier hat and perhaps Demo

Rough key-price guide below (there are no C/O's, it's a yes or no, so Mann-Up and offer your top price first time!)

- Unusual Wide-Brimmed Bandito with Starstorm Slumber effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 14 keys
➤ Looking great (see pic below), bargain price and LEVEL 100!
Declined offers: 11 key.pure |...

- Alien Bandito - Unusual Wide-Brimmed Bandito with Neutron Star effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 14 keys
➤ Looking great (see pic below), bargain price with custom name and desc!
Declined offers: 11 key.pure) | Starstorm.SBombPast+sweet(14k) |...
This one sold, but I have a GOLD painted one for same price!!!

- The Chilean Miner - Unusual Mining Light with Massed Flies effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 24 keys
➤ Regionless Misc - WEAR WITH ANYTHING - you can even wear 3 mining lights at the same time!
➤ Retired item, you can no longer get mining lights
Declined offers: 11 key.pure |...

- Unusual Buckaroos Hat with Stormy Storm effect - (Engineer) - Buy now: 14 keys
➤ Painted WHITE to contrast the thunder storm
Declined offers: ObFire.ZeGoggles(13key) | Smoke.CompanyMan-4k (14key) | 14 keys.pure [too slow] | ...

- Unusual Taunt: Square Dance with Skill Gotten Gains effect - (ALL CLASS) - Buy now: 50 keys
Taunt: Two-player taunt. Jig with a fiddle, giving off the effect until someone joins you as a partner for a dance. Then you link arms and perform a square dance accompanied by the fiddle playing a reel.
Effect: Cash is flying up from the floor higher than Marilyn's skirt.
Level: 69, ahem

- Unusual Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors with Mega Strike effect - (ALL CLASS) - Buy now: 60 keys - QUICKSELL PRICE FOR KEYS!!!
Taunt: Two-player taunt. Play a game of rock paper scissors, the loser will explode if from opposite team!
Effect: Lightening bold crash down loudly around you
Declined offers: HellInferno.2ndRateS.Taunt (≈65k) | DP.Salty+MemLeak.Bukaroo+InfFlam.Bucking (≈70key) | SkillGottenGains.ShredAlert (65k)

- Unusual Tough Guy's Toque with Green Energy effect - (Heavy) - Buy now:35 keys
➤ Painted WHITE to contrast the Energy
In-Game Inspect: steam://run...825063

- Unusual Hard Counter with Green Confetti effect - (Heavy) - Buy now: 15 keys
➤ Painted GREEN to match the Fetti, with super rare VIOLET FOOTPRINTS spell
Screenshot (inc. footprints):
Declined offers: 11key.pure | ...

There are no C/O's, I'll not waste your time, yes/no answers given.
Say what you wish to buy and what you are willing to pay - ( No Links)
Comments like "are you interested in xxx" will be ignored.
Extreme lowballs and website quoting may lead to you being ridiculed, blocked or simply ignored.
can you add?
2+2=4 i guess so
Say what you wish to buy and what you are willing to pay Comments like "are you interested in xxx" will be ignored.
Haunted Honcho's Headgear for Green Toque + 15 keys
nty. not looking to buy unusuals. you're selling at 48 and seem to expect "overpay", not sure why i should be paying more. I could add the counter i guess.
Sloth Sunny
Do you still have the australium gold neutron star wide brimmed?
sry looks liek that one sold too!
Got a starstorm slumber kiss king. Willing to trade for the tought guy's toque. Add me if you're down.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.