Hey there! Taking offers on these lovely knives!

Gut knife tiger tooth - 38keys more in skins

Huntsman knife forest DDPAD-25 keys, more in skins.

Flip knife Ruby- 315 pure a good amount more in skins and minimum 550-660 keys in tf2 downgrades!

Flip knife tiger tooth - 68 keys more in items.

Note : I am not that interested in tf2 items but I like to keep my options open. Only set minimum amount in unusuals I have, is for the Ruby cause that's a god tier knife. On other, ones, unusual overpay should be around 100-200% (no taunts or 2016 effects).

Please use trade offers and don't add me, unless you want the Ruby. If you do however add me, make sure to leave a comment, otherwise I'll ignore the request. You can also offer on outpost it self if it's easier for you.

Thanks and happy trading!
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Hey as I said, I don't currently need tf2 items. If a person still wants to pay with them, let them overpay. Issue?
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.