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Quickselling now!

Sorted by price. I haven't been writing down offers. But ill try to now (19th of august)


Purple Energy Crones Discounted: 800 keys 750 700 650 keys! Quickselling for pure or massive overpay
Previous offers:
http://i.i...Yq.png ~ Burning muffs (at least 800) + MHP space mann ~ 120 + scorching rifleman ~ 485 + 3 keys = 1408 keys vs Crones + MG pullover (380 priced). Making the crones 1,028.

https://i.i...tK.png ~ Burning muffs again (Diff seller) Alone. ~ 800 (Declined)

Morning Glory Pullover: 400 keys pure 380 351 keys quickselling for pure! or massive overpay
Previous offers (excluding all offers under 380):
Burning Boxcar ~ 545 http://i.i...1T.png
Scorching Rifleman ~ 485 http://i.i...bF.png (he canceled it after i added him asking for more overpay)
Green Energy cotton head ~ 400 http://i.i...RJ.png
Purple Energy Tipped lid ~ 380 http://i.i...MQ.png
Burning Woolen + unusual rocket ~ 360 http://i.i...Ky.png

Green Energy Pyromancers: 170 keys pure or big overpay

Holy Grail Balloon: 70 65 50 keys quickselling!
Molten Mallard Dread Riding Hood http://i.i...EJ.png ~ 75
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320 in mixed-downgrades for the pullover
lowest offer so nty
Another owner if mg pullover was willing to do 345~ in downgrades. Not the lowest
Look at my offers. I said lowest offer on mine, not lowest offer overlal. And if he was willing to... why didnt you? Lmao
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I didn't, that wasn't a lot of profit ;)
Also are you qselling the pull :)
Nope..... can u stop spamming please, if u needed to dicuss this u should of added me
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.