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Looking for offers on these amazing noirs !
- Clean !
- Smexy effects !
- Who wouldn't want a noir ? !

Circling Heart Noir : 40 keys pure or more in unusuals
Surplous Nour : 60 keys pure or more in unusuals
Haunted Phantasm Jr : 65 keys pure or more in unusuals

Offer here or comment on my profile before adding me.
BlaCk TriggeR
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Hellish Inferno Taunt: Square Dance +(maybe a few keys?) for Haunted Phantasm jr
how many keys
BlaCk TriggeR
like 5
ill pass
BlaCk TriggeR
how many keys would you like?
it looks kinda hard to sell and unpriced. i got offered 60 pure on my noir this morning and well tbh you wouldnt want to hear how many ill want :-:
BlaCk TriggeR
aww ok
if u are wondering it was gonna be like 25 pure :P
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15 pure and a terror watt well rounded rifleman for the sulphurous
Do you stil own these? they aren't listed in your bp
if you still have these hats i would like to offer on them
Clean D@D Danger for Sulphorus one + Heart.
zoomin broom and pool party both screaming tiger for all
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.