= ocu = Urirakan cs.money
Hey there! :D Looking to Buy your Spelled items, im paying Backpack.tf price for the hat + An amount in pure depending on the spell (Not buying unusuals tho, unless its like 30% off)
For Chromatic/Spectral Spectrum im offering hat's Price + 13 ref (Best price on the market)
For Any Footprints im offering ur hat's Price plus 20 ref
For Sinister staining/putrescent pigmentation/Die job, im offering ur hat's price + 7 ref
You can send me a trade offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=168674209&token=ri34FMBO or even add me if u want :D
if the hat is painted and hat has 2 spells ?
What is the hat
i have a chromatic Cosa nostra, want it?
Yeah sure
hey i selling a fairy wing with spectral spectrum but u r out of refs
Added, i'l lget theref soon, sorry :P
uh u dont have it anymore?
Fancy a smoking Gym Rat with Corruption spell?
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Just wanted to know if you were willing to buy a "Non-Craftable Soldier's Stash" with chromatic corrupt for the prices you listed,.
Not sure if i'll get it yet so just want to make sure it's worth it :)
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Collection - all traces -

Interested in? how much will you give?
i dunno, u tell me
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Are you interested in voice spell?
Killer exclusive, white painted. Spell: Voices from below.
Selling it for 2 keys.
Whats the go regarding double spelled unusuals? Added to discuss
I've got a sinister staining rack, and double spelled rocket launcher and wrench. both strange kilsltredak with good parts
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i sended you a trade offer
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