Just Taking offers on my lovely hats. Not at all really considering to sell them but I would like to see what kind of offers I can get on these beauties.
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Do you have any interest in my strange burning flames hees helmet?
I usually don't play medic but it depends what did you uave your eye on for it?
I waslooking to downgrade it looking at your topper plus the flamenco preferably but certainly open to coutner offers
I need to think. The topper is currently worth 325 alone
I know, the person who I bought the Heer's from paid a clean vintage bud for it
I also have a burning flames western wear if you are interested in upgrading yours
Yes I may be intetested in the burning western. Depends what would.u want me to add to mine?
what can you add really?
I mean I have some stuff in my bp u can look through. I don't wanna go overboard tho.
what are your thoughts on the Heer's as well? would we want to try to figure out a trade with both the Heer's and the western?
Maybe. But the Heers is kind of a low priority since I barely play medic. The western at this point is something I'd definetly want
okay I am going to add you so that we can talk on steam
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.