Little Pixel / B0725
Highly recommend bookmarking this since you can't search for Strange Unique items.

If you're not going to send me a legit trade offer then don't even bother with the trade.

Strange Unique Sandman. x2
B/O: 15 keys each.

Strange Unique Boston Basher. x4
B/O: 8 keys each.

Strange Unique Pistol. x1
B/O: 45 keys pure / $76.8

Gotta love glitched items.

Let the trading begin!
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How did you even get these? Also are there any other sellers of these kinds of weapons?
Little Pixel / B0725
You could get them by unboxing crates in the first hour of last year's scream fortress. I don't think you're very likely to find any other sellers for these weapons since I seem to be the only one, but I know there are other sellers for other Strange Unique weapons somewhere around Tf2outpost.
Neat, but how would I be able to find them?
Little Pixel / B0725
Best way is to just search for the unique version of whatever weapon you're planning on looking for and just hovor over each one in each trade to see if it says strange while being in the unique quality.
Thanks and good luck selling these!
Little Pixel / B0725
Thank you and good luck finding what you're looking for! (I'm gonna hide this for space or else it's just going to mess with my head just having one huge line of chat on here)
Also what would the quality be of the weapons in game? (just strange or unique?)
Little Pixel / B0725
If you haven't figured it out by now (seeing as you asked this 14 hours ago) the item will be displayed in the unique quality, but the names will always be like this Strange "weapon name"
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