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Unusual and australium offers are welcome! No overpay required!
1 - 40 key
2 - 10 key
3 - 7 key
4 - 35 key
5 - 9 key
6 - 10 key
7 - 9 key
8 - 13 key
Bacon Stripper
Hey man, i want to buy your strange spec killstreak Purple range sniper rifle for 10keys pure.
I dont have keys now, i wil buy them soon and then they will take time to be tradible, so can you hold onto the Purple Range rifle for me until i get my keys?
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Hey man, I can do it. But I wouldn't. To avoid be surprised if you'll change you mind or something happened :-) Feel free to add me.
Bacon Stripper
iv got all the keys, i just need to wait 6days till i can trade them
idk what im doing
Would you accept a Aussie Medigun and Max's Head for your Pro Thinderbolt?
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Why not? Send me trade offer pls
idk what im doing
cool, alright :)
Bacon Stripper
on the 18th of july(Tomorrow) ill buy your Strange Spec Ks Field Tested Purple Range Sniper rifle For 10 keys pure. So if you could put it in your inventory for me to send a trade offer so i dont have to add you. Thanks
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Added to discuss for shell shocker
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Sorry, sold
I'm trading a disco beat down l'inspecteur, worth about 22 keys, interested in your killstreak sniper if you'll throw some keys in to make the trade even.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.