🔰Most Wanted🔰
Unusual and australium offers are welcome! No overpay required!
Spec.KS rocket - 45 key
Basic KS rocket - 42 key (WITHOUT Strange parts)
Eyelander - 42 key (2 S.P: Soldiers kills, Critical Kills))
Medi gun - 30 key
KS Medi gun 32 key
Spec KS Medi gun 34 key
Pro KS medi gun 40 key

Items at market, add me to trade
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
Hey, Most Wanted! Will you be able to save the "Uber Nein Thousand" Medi Gun until next Sunday? I will have 40 keys available next week to trade you. Thank you.
🔰Most Wanted🔰
Sorry, sold
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.