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Unusual and australium offers are welcome! No overpay required!
Pro KS Sniper - 37 key each
Pro KS Knife - 39 key each
Pro KS Ambassador - 18 key

Items at market, add me to trade
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Would you by any chance do a Circling Heart Napoleon Complex for the second sniper?
It's completely clean, with a 4 person history, and it's 1 of 2 (the other one hasn't been seen for a few years, and if it was sold, the last listing was on bazaar for around 60 keys).
🔰Most Wanted🔰
hat priced as 32 key. So, no.
I could throw in a Pop-Eyes with Voices From Below. Halloween spelled items sell for a good amount.
If not, i will try to get more keys if possible, but my offer still stands.
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I found a way to get some money for keys, could you put the item on hold for a week or so? It's ok if not.
the second aussie sniper
✪ DrOzz
i have a gut knife gamma doppler P2?
✪ DrOzz
I added you to discuss
✪ DrOzz
Bcz my knife is in the Market too
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Clean Skill gotten gains pool party for 4 snipers?
how about eerie orbitting fire safe n sound? priced at 37 keys clean. https://backpack.tf/item/1255792956
no one selling at the moment in backpack.tf
for the 2nd or the 4th aus sniper rifle
added you, pls accept:D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.