Unboxed this a few years ago. You wont find one with a shorter history than that.

Not interested in anything but pure keys. I have had this since May 21, 2013 - http://www...399211

Apparently there were supposedly 4 of these. The other 2 out there are dupes of each other last I checked and not sure where the 4th one went. (poof, it just sort of disappeared)

Also, it may be on the Steam Market if you dont see it in my BP.
r0bertVD rip x
how much
just wondering any kind of b/o
Not really. Just looking for something fair.
you have any king of c/o or anything like that
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At no point did I spam you, I simply offered a different trade and you said fuck you cuz I didn't price your strange parts at full value
sorry accidentally posted that
No worries. No, I dont have any specific price, as I said, just waiting for a reasonable offer, thats all.
Captain Fluffy
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able to add for sunbeams woods man?
Captain Fluffy
nvm just read dat only wanted pure
S ᴇ ɴ ᴅ ᴀ ɴ
I need to speak with you about a thing. Accept my friend request on steam.
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