Selling the listed items for pure only! Send Trade offers! Thank you!

Please DO NOT add the strange with spells attached I will Decline the trade or put the correct item into trade. Thank you!

1.Strange Rocket Launcher (SOLD)
Item Details
Custom Name: ★Pearl★ Rocket Launcher
Parts Attached
Kills During Halloween ~14.66 ref
B/O: 8 Refined (8.00 Ref)

2.Strange Fists
B/O: 1.66 Refined (1.66 Ref)

3.Strange Professional Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently
Item Details
Killstreaker: Fire Horns
Sheen: Mean Green
B/O: 2 Keys (60.00 Ref)

4.Strange L'Etranger
B/O: 7.55 Refined (7.55 Ref)

5.Strange Smalltown Bringdown Rocket Launcher (Well-Worn)
Item Details
Civilian Grade Rocket Launcher (Well-Worn)
Strange Stat Clock Attached
B/O: 9 Refined (9.00 ref)

6.Earbuds (SOLD )
Item Details
Level 42 Hat
B/O: 3 Keys (90.00 Ref)

7.The Whirly Warrior #78
Item Details
Level 54 Helmet
Crafted by: sozo-teki™
Origin: Crafted
B/O: 3 Keys (90.00 Ref)

TF2 Items that are for sale prices here:

TRADE OFFER LINK ( *TOP CAT* ) https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=8280431&token=IV2w2o4N

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