Selling these items!
Pyromancer's Raiments -- valued at 22.44 ref
Flippin Awesome Taunt -- valued at 8.33 ref
Strange Old Man's Frosty -- valued at 14.44 ref
Villain's Veil -- valued at 14 ref
Chronomancer -- valued at 3.88 ref
All prices are in pure / 25% item overpay ! If it's grayed out, it has already been sold

Act Now and Trade Me to get these cool items :3

[IMPORTANT!] Not counting parts, paints, killstreaks, spells or [RESKINS] on the items! [u] Mobile Authenticated Only Please
I am Mobile Authenticated = No escrow on trades if you are also authenticated.

Fast trades when I am online. If not, send a trade offer! I will see them as soon as I go back online.
Send me a trade offer or add me if you're interested.

Steam Trade Offer

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